• A learning system in the principles of economics that includes lecture summaries, Excel labs and self-assessment guides.

  • Compendium of popular lectures in the principles of economics, with definitions, algebra, illustrations, graphs, tables and explanations of fundamental economic concepts and models.

  • Follows the traditional outline of the 200-level series in the principles of economics, easily adaptable to most textbooks in the field, with precise lecture topics suggested for the 45-contact-hour course, with end-of-course chapters in labor markets and international trade.

  • Easily adaptable to any learning management system, with lecture summaries and related test banks ready to load to a course shell online.

  • Ideal for instructors who want both seated and online students to share identical material.

  • Long-term collaboration project extensively tested in the classroom and online, with corrections and improvements made after feedback from students and colleagues.

  • Develops applied skills in the illustration of economic concepts.

  • Best complementary textbook: Hubbard/O'Brien, Economics, Pearson