Anywhere Economics: Bringing the online experience closer to the classroom experience

Anywhere Economics is a synthesis of economic principles that responds to the diverse learning styles of the student generations currently in our classrooms.  Economic education has evolved from viewing lectures and online courses as questionable substitutes to a system of learning where they greatly complement each other.

An important endeavor in bridging the gap between the experiences of classroom and online students is to standardize the material that both groups receive.  In this learning system, the materials that students review during the lecture are identical to the materials that online students review on their own. 

The key principle in designing the materials is focused content that uses text, illustrations and mathematics to present a narrow slice of the material in a single page, equivalent to the lecture notes, and accompanied by a test bank of possible questions in an examination.

The course includes an applied-skills component, where students learn useful, easy-to-grade models of key economic concepts and illustrations recreated in a spreadsheet.

The lecture handouts and related exams can be easily uploaded to a learning platform.  The material has been extensively tested and revised based on student input.

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