• A learning system in the principles of economics that includes lecture summaries, Excel labs and self-assessment guides.

  • A compilation of popular lectures in the principles of economics, with definitions, algebra, illustrations, graphs, tables and explanations of fundamental economic concepts and models.

  • The material follows the traditional course outline, easily adaptable to the 45-contact-hours course and ready to load in the course shell online.

  • Long-term project, extensively tested in the classroom and online, with improvements made after feedback from students and colleagues.

  • Develops applied skills in the illustration of economic concepts.

Fundamentos de Economía, Modelos y Notas Universitarias
Versión para Latino América
Fernando Quijano
Primera edición, 2017
ISBN-13: 978-1544203782
ISBN-10: 1544203780
BISAC: Business & Economics / Economics / General
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) 
Full Color on White paper, 382 pages
Fundamentos de Economía es una exposición de los principios de economía, escrita en lenguaje sencillo y acompañada de excelentes ilustraciones, datos macroeconómicos actuales, y paquete completo de suplementos: presentaciones dinámicas en PowerPoint, manual de soluciones y banco de preguntas. 
Innovate Publishing, Bogotá, Colombia

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Hubbard/O'Brien, Economics, 2e–8e

Interior illustrations and artwork for print and digital content and supplements, including: instructor and student manuals, HO Digital, video scripts and animations.

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