Fernando Quijano

Professor of Economics and Instructional Designer

Extensive teaching experience and collaboration with distinguished professors in the field of economics.  Expert content design for college textbooks in economics.​

Professional Goal:  To become a member of an economics department or design team in an environment of collegiality and intellectual growth.





Phone: 910.548.3940

e-mail: fernando.quijano26@gmail.com

Portfolio website: https://fernandoquijano26.wixsite.com/fernando-quijano

LinkedIn address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernando-quijano-17a49224/

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Master of Arts (M.A.), Economics

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA, 1990.
08/1988-08/1990.  33 graduate hours.  GPA: 3.55

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Economics

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
01/1986–05/1988.  181 semester hours.  GPA: 3.35

Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia, 1977–1979

College courses in economics (69 semester hours)


Master Illustrator and Collaborator (independent contractor)

Pearson Education, Inc., 1999–Present

501 Boylston Street, Suite 900, Boston, MA 02116

Reference:  Lena Buonanno, Content Development Specialist

e-mail: lena.buonanno@pearson.com | 617.848.6580 

Graphic design for economics textbooks.  Collaboration with authors and editors in the design and publication of college textbooks in economics.  Digital content creation for online courses, companion websites, instructor and student guides, and PowerPoint presentations.

Instructor of Economics

Coastal Carolina Community College, 2018-Present

444 Western Boulevard, Jacksonville, NC 28546 | 910.938.6374

Teach the principles of economics, with emphasis on applied business skills and focus on the success of underrepresented students.

Professor Emeritus of Economics
Dickinson State University, 1992–2015 (23 years)

291 Campus Drive, Dickinson, North Dakota, 58601, United States

Reference: Dr. Steven Doherty, Professor and Chair, Department of Social Sciences e-mail: Steven.Doherty@dickinsonstate.edu  | 701. 483.2065


Taught courses in the principles of economics, global economics, money and banking and economic regulation.  Delivered courses in the classroom, over interactive video network and online.  Actively involved in curriculum design, accreditation standards, and faculty governance.  Served as president of the Council of College Faculties, representing the faculty in the 11 institutions of higher education in the North Dakota University System.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Adjunct Instructor
University of North Dakota, 1988–1992 (4 years)

293 Centennial Drive, Stop 8369, Grand Forks, ND 58202 | 701.777.2637

Taught courses in economics for diverse student populations: traditional, adult and military personnel, at the UND Department of Economics, the Division of Continuing Education, Weekend College, Grand Forks Air Force Base, and East Grand Forks Community College.


Personnel Management Specialist,
United States Army

1060 Gaffney Rd #6600, Fort Wainwright, AK 99703, USA 1982–1987 (5 years)

Supervisor:  CW2 David C. Steffy, Personnel Manager |  907.353.2220

Maintained the evaluation report system and 201 files for officer and enlisted personnel.  Special duties:  Rifle team (expert sharpshooter). Honorable discharge (06/16/1987).  Last rank:  SGT (E5) active duty. Army Commendation Medal (2), Good Conduct Medal, Army Service Ribbon



Instructional design

Economic modeling

Writing, Authoring


Adobe Creative Suite (full membership)

Microsoft Office Suite



Storytelling software

Learning Management Systems


Speak, read and write English and Spanish fluently

Skills and
  • Taught economics courses for over 25 years

  • Combined economic knowledge, artistic talent and computer skills to earn a high reputation in the publishing industry.

  • Kept current in the field by collaborating with authors in their latest publications as their illustrator.

  • Consistent record of employment and recognition in the publishing industry (economics).

  • Evolved with the progress of pedagogy in higher education.

  • Authored a principles of economics textbook (bilingual).

  • Received high-mark evaluations from students and peers.

  • Received the highest award bestowed upon a professor upon retirement from Dickinson State University.

  • Served in the highest levels of faculty governance at the state level.

  • President of the Senates’ Council and representative of state-wide faculty in the North Dakota University System.

  • Enriched the local community through the arts

  • Quijano, Fernando, EconLectures: A Learning System in the Principles of Economics, © 2020

  • Quijano, Fernando, Fundamentos de Economía, Modelos y Notas Universitarias, Versión para Colombia, 2019, Innovate Publishing, Bogotá, Colombia

  • Hubbard/O’Brien, Economics, Pearson, 2nd through 8th editions, 2006–2020.  Interior graphics content and various supplements

  • Pindyck/Rubinfeld, Microeconomics, 7th through 9th editions, 2008–2017.  Dynamic PowerPoint Slides

  • Hubbard/O’Brien/Rafferty, Macroeconomics, Pearson, 1st and 2nd editions, 2010–2012.  Interior master illustrations

  • Hubbard/O’Brien, Money, Banking and the Financial System, 1st through 3rd editions, 2011–2016.  Interior master illustrations

  • Case/Fair/Oster, Principles of Economics, Pearson, 6th through 10th editions, 2001–2011.  Graphic design and PowerPoint presentations

  • Feenstra/Taylor, International Macroeconomics, Worth Publishers, 2nd edition, 2011, PowerPoint presentations

  • Gruber, Jonathan, Public Finance and Public Policy, 3rd edition, Pearson, 2010.  PowerPoint presentations

  • O’Sullivan/Sheffrin/Perez, Economics: Principles, Applications and Tools, 6th editions, 2000–2009.  PowerPoint presentations

  • Krugman//Wells/Olney, Economics, Essentials of Economics, 1st edition, Worth Publishers, 2006.  I-cliker and PowerPoint presentations

  • Blanchard, Oliver, Microeconomics, 3rd and 5th editions, Pearson, 2002–2008.  PowerPoint presentations and Companion Website

  • Quijano, Fernando, The Electronic Blackboard for Microeconomics, 1999, self-published.

  • Professor Emeritus of Economics, Dickinson State University

  • Army Commendation Medal (2), Good Conduct Medal, Army Service Ribbon

  • Smithsonian magazine, 1994, Featured U.S. Army story

  • Badlands Art Association, Dickinson, North Dakota, 1997–2014.  Award placement, oil painting